Main theme(s) : Advanced Manufacturing

GOSPI coming from research support plan developed by Rhône-Alpes Region in 2005: GOSPI research cluster.

Research community gathers about twenty laboratories and around 350 researchers in engineering science, management science, economy and sociology, which develop multidisciplinary research for innovation and Factory of the Future.


GOSPI Objectives:

– Improve performance of production systems, conception and service and goods innovation,
– Promote multidisciplinary research on these topics in Rhône-Alpes,
– Introduce research results to socio-economic stakeholders.


GOSPI values:

– Develop quality research with international reputation,
– Answer to industrial and services companies demands,
– Allow to Rhône-Alpes partners to work together,
– Give information about scientific, industrial ad societal issues on production system evolution.

http://www.cluster-gospi.fr/ Place

1 region: Rhône Alpes

350 members Contact

- Daniel Brissaud, Professor , Grenoble INP
- Valérie Rocchi, research valorization manager, Grenoble INP
Phone : (33) 4 76 82 51 68
Email : gospi@grenoble-inp.fr