Main theme(s) : Materials, Metallurgy, Process

Materalia is a leading competitiveness cluster on Materials and innovative process, for industrial performance.

Materials, organic or mineral, metallic of plastics/composites, are the core of Materalia expertise. Materials are in the upstream part of the indutry. The cluster offers its support in order to increase the growth of SMEs technical innovation, thanks to its network (companies, R&D centers, Universities…).

The objective of Materalia is to initiate and support projects in efficient materials and process, in order to offer innovative and sustainable solutions, to future markets, in order to increase capabilities of companies.

Materalia is focused on Energy, Aeronautics, Automotive, Healthcare industry and work on promising technologies for tomorrow materials. (Key figures: 375 labelled projects between 2006 and 2015 among them 57% are funding for more than 380M€) Place

Main office : Metz, Charleville Mezière
2 regions : Champagne-Ardenne & Lorraine

150 members 90 industrial members 60 academic members Contact

Catherine Maieron
Tél: +33 (0) 6 20 67 44 15