Main theme(s) : civil nuclear engineering, Civil nuclear industry: components manufacturing, complex controls, dismantling, maintenance

PNB was created in 2005. It is dedicated to civil nuclear industry and was labelled competitiveness cluster by French government.

PNB gathers now more than 200 members, actors in French nuclear industry: industrial, groups, SMEs, research and training organizations. Its strategy activity domains are eco-design and sustainability of nuclear components; controls for high performance components; technics of maintenance and dismantling in hostile environment; nuclear concretes, civil engineering and sensitive building.

PNB is also founding member of the Strategic committee of nuclear industry.

Cluster efforts in civil nuclear are concentrated on innovation, training, international. These efforts are offered to the industry structuration. Place

Main office : Chalon-sur-Saône, office in Dijon and Montélimar
2 regions: Bourgogne and Rhône Alpes

201 members 156 industrial members 25 academic members Contact

Bertrand Gauvain – 03 85 42 36 92