pontMécafuture, a Clusters Alliance for world-class industrial Excellence


Materials and Mechanics are at the heart of most industrial challenges: heavy carrier planes, high-speed-train, decarbonised energy…


All rely on new processes and enhanced materials in order to insure an accelerated innovation path.


In the framework of the national policy of Competitiveness Clusters, the 8 regional members of the Mécafuture Alliance join forces to initiate large innovative projects at national, European and international levels.

Competitiveness Clusters at a glance

The National Policy of the Competitiveness Clusters started in 2005 and resulted in:

  • A network of 71 thematic and regional clusters
  • 9,000 members, of which 70% SMEs, Higher Education Institutions and Laboratories
  • 1,000 R&D projects amounting to € 4.7 bn budget
  • 15,000 researchers involved in collaborative R&D projects

Competitiveness Clusters deliver labels to collaborative and innovative projects, recognized by the main funding agencies and private investors.